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Home Chef Gift Box

Original price was: $99.99.Current price is: $84.99.

Introducing the Produce’d Chef’s Gift Box, a thoughtfully curated collection of essentials for the culinary hobbyist in your life. Celebrate the joy of home cooking and the convenience of home hydroponics with this exclusive set, perfect for anyone who cherishes fresh ingredients and sustainable living. Chef’s gift box includes a heavy-duty apron with leather straps and pockets, a plant catalog, a cutting board and small gardening shears for use when harvesting and pruning plants for their GrowBlock.

Don’t forget to sign them up for monthly recurring service that includes the plants of their choosing, nutrients, the GrowBlock garden and 24/7 support.



Step into a world of green with Produce’d’s “A-B-C’s of Plants” Green Short-Sleeve Shirt. This stylish and comfortable shirt is a tribute to the flavorful journey of home hydroponic gardening, featuring some of the most popular herbs in the Produce’d monthly recurring service.